1. LONG FORM - narrative
2. SHORT FORM – promos/ commercials
3. VR/AR projects

LONG FORM - narrative

The Maze:

The Lighthouse - International Trailer:

Natasha Khan - ‘I Do’ Trailer:

Breaking The Rules (play):

The Sculptress:

Al Jazeera - World War I Through Arab Eyes - series

Witness -

Saving the Leopard

Marshal's Law: Launch Promo

Marshal's Law: 5 Min Trailer

Hollow Feet:

The Refuge: Trailer

Untitled (the movie):

A Glass Of Water: Trailer

SHORT FORM – promos/ commercials

BBC World Promo Trails:

BBC World Promo Trails:

BBC World Promo Trails:

BBC World Promo Trails:

Punter Souhal:

BETFair - Tap Tap Boom:

Allergan Leadership in Eyecare

McDonalds Fry Futbol campaign:

UK TVGold: Sex'n'Sitcom - Trailer

BBC Worldwide - Save The Hoff:

Orient Express panel:

Food Quorn: with Kate Richardson-Walsh

Food Quorn: with Kate Richardson-Walsh – BTS

ADS Prime - Knight Rider Onboard - #PrimeHoff:

ADS Prime - One With Everything - #PrimeHoff:

Ride the wave with Prime from ADS Securities:

VR/AR projects

VR 360 project – The Empathy Machine

Agatha Christie Prod: Mr Quin - Love & Death app

1. LONG FORM - narrative
2. SHORT FORM – promos/ commercials
3. VR/AR projects


Oman Garden Panel shoot - mix

AGOW shoot1

BlackShore day

AGOW shoot

AGOW shoot

Sunbeam Boom shadow

Sunbeam BTS

LTT Garden shoot - Maya + The qānūn

LTT Garden shoot

LTT Garden shoot - Team

ALJ Witness team in Oman

ALJ Witness in action

ALJ Witness miking up

ALJ Witness in action

Brighton beach location

Framestore Tap Tap Boom crew

Hummus Judo Team

Lighthouse location - boat

Lighthouse location - team

Lighthouse studio

Marshals Law 1318

Marshals Law 1318

Marshals Law crew

Nokia commercial crop

Protocol 5 mix

RedBee meerkats SFX

Talisker Atlantic Challenge shoot

UK Hist launch

W1 NBH promo Babs

W1 NBH promo Komla

W1 NBH promo Komla

WC Hamburg film crew


Christo & Jeanne Claude: Monumental Art: IWC/BBC4 / Production sound recordist/ Director: Zoe Dobson

Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage: Swan Films/C4 / Production sound recordist / Director: James House

The Maze: Blue+Green Communication/ Production sound recordist: UK/ Director: Friedrich Moser

Grayson Perry: Divided Britain - Reveal: Swan Films/C4 / 1st assistant sound/ Production sound recordist: Paul Parsons

Black Shore: Black Shore Film / Production sound mixer / Directors: Jon Park, Grant White

The Eighth Wonder: Mister Shark: / Production sound mixer / Director: Gareth Molan

World War One Through Arab Eyes: Al Jazera / Production sound recordist: UK/ Director: Dana K. Trometer

Untitled (A Film): Truk Films / 1st assistant sound/ Production sound mixer: Paul Paragon

The Lighthouse: Dogs of Annwn / Production Sound Mixer / Director: Chris Crow

Rush / Revolution Films/ W.T. / Boom Op dailies, UK unit / Production sound mixer: Danny Hambrook

Marshal’s Law - series1 / Golden Tortoise/ Sound recordist / Director: Niall Towl, Bob Pipe

A Glass of Water / Joka Films / Sound recordist / Director: Kae Bahar

Witness - Saving the Leopard / Think Tank Films / Al Jazeera/ Sound recordist / Director: Tom Evans

Animated Minds I & II / Mosaic Films / Sound recordist / Director: Andy Glynne

The Queen / Future Films/ Granada / Sound assistant/ 2nd boom / Production sound mixer: Danny Hambrook

Millennium Seed Bank / RedCurrent Films / Production & post-production sound / Director: Mark Raeburn

Dragons’ Den - 5 & 6 / BBC Manchester / Sound operator / Director: Paul Mackay Mackay

Annually Retentive - 1&2 / BBC/ Jones TV / Sound recordist / Director: Paul Duddridge

Azan – a call to prayer / RedCurrent Films / Sound recordist / Director: Anton Califano

313 / DayDream Films / Sound recordist/ mixer / Director: Masuma Virjee

Spooks 4&5 / Kudos Spooks Ltd. / Sound assistant/ boom op / Sound recordist: John Taylor

Enduring Love / Ridgeway Productions / Sound assistant/ 2nd boom / Production sound mixer: Danny Hambrook

Charlie / Midas Films / Boom Op, UK unit / Production sound mixer: Stephen Richardson

Honeymoon / Film 4/ 2AM Films / Sound Recordist / Director: Miranda Bowen

Asylum aka The Refuge / Maximise Ltd. / Production sound mixer / Director: Nigel Barker

Shoreditch / Mirastar / Sound Recordist, 2nd unit / Director: Malcolm Needs


If not listed below any additional kit can be sourced from a reputable supplier to meet production needs.

Sound Devices 788T-SSD + SD 633 multi-track HD recorder

Sound Devices CL-8 & CL-9 mixing modules

SQN4s (4:2:2) IEM field mixer

Tascam DR-10C micro recorders

Schoeps CMIT 5U + CCM41 LG boom microphones

Audio Technica AT835st stereo/ambiences microphone

Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone

Sanken CUB-01 PT-GY boundary mic x2

Aquarian Audio H2A hydrophone

Audio Wireless ltd. ch37 - 44 wireless microphone system x6

Sanken Cos-11D miniature lavalier microphone x10

Sennheiser EW100 G3 ch38-40 camerea hop system x2

LDS 100 IEM ch.62-70 monitoring system with Sony headphones x8

Hawk Woods NP98w batteries (x8) & batteries 4-way charger

Timecode Systems :Wave & mini TRx+ sync boxes

Tentacle sync boxes for time-code integrated workflows incl. DLSR type cameras

Portable playback system with Reaper, WaveLab or Cubase

Sennheiser HD25 & HD26 Pro headphones (x4)

Trakker sound cart

Selection of Panamic boom poles

Selection of Rycote windshield kits

Selection of Portabrace/ KTM/ Petrol bags and carriers

Selection of associated power, TC & audio leads


Booking Terms and Conditions (unless otherwise stated)

* Rates quoted are: 10 hours base to base including 1 hour meal break where appropriate, in line with the current Sound ratecard

* Scheduled 10 hour days may commence any time between 06.00 and 14.00 hours.

* Bank holidays, Sunday and post midnight shoots charged at an overtime rate of time and a half.

* Travel days charged at least 75% of 10 hour rate inclusive of hire charge for equipment.

* Prices don’t include mileage (collection & delivery charges), VAT, carnets, insurances, meals and accommodation, excess baggage and other expenses where applicable.

* All equipment to be covered by production insurance whilst used on the job and when outside my direct supervision.

* Full payment required for bookings cancelled less than 24 hours notice.

* Payment strictly 28 days net unless agreed otherwise in advance, following the date of delivery of the invoice as stated on as well as in the name of the invoice.

* Copyright on all recordings and legal title to all goods is retained until full payment is received.

* I reserve the right to charge interest on all overdue invoices under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act, 1998 at a rate of 8.5% above the Bank of England’s base rate set at the start of each period.

* I reserve the right to charge compensation for the costs of collection of payments on all overdue invoices in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act, 1998 as outlined below:
up to £999 - £40.00
£1000 - £9999 - £80.00
£10000 + - £120.00

Please contact me for details on current rates for 12 hours days, buy-outs and any specific equipment quotes.


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